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A r t i s t   S t a t e m e n t



My work exploits the fluidity of drawing and printmaking by fusing these disciplines with the tactile rigidity of glass, textiles and ceramics. My aim as an artist is to subvert the confines and conventions of these materials and their application as a means to smuggle across unconventional narratives. Such narratives generally focus on my interest in ecology, community and the evolution of craft traditions. I believe that art has the power to communicate essential human truths and maintain our connection with each other, ourselves and the world around us.

Drawing and printmaking are the foundations of my practice. The democratizing effects of print are a fundamental interest of mine as I endeavour to approach art making as an essential form of communication as opposed to a means of producing luxury commodities. I am particularly interested in the realm of poster art as a means to convey ideas, and I have designed and screen printed posters for the gay marriage referendum as well as the Repeal campaign in ireland. I am also very interested in ceramic tiling and I am keen to pursue the potentials of creating handmade 2-dimensional ceramic work in a public context.

It is my aim to create art that engages with the public, creates the impetus for

discourse and dialogue and contributes aesthetically to the urban environment.


I would love the opportunity to share my work as well as my skills, knowledge and experience through workshops and other community events.

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